The Greenbrier Companies, Inc. Remote Operator in Portland, Oregon

General Position Summary: Responsible for safe functioning of rigging and application of straps and other rigging to loads or transportation by cranes, or other material handling equipment. Directs crane operators. Operate overhead crane to move materials and products throughout plant.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Procure and inspect rigging, attach rigging to load, check travel path, sound whistle, signal crane operator, guide load to destination, position load, detach rigging and return to storage rack
  • Climb vertical ladder (to 25'), inspect crane and cab, complete inspection forms, operate crane (4 hand levers, 1 foot brake), and fill orders for steel Specific Job Skills: Will be using Rigger Operation Manual (must be on rigger at all times), referee whistle, chains, nylon slings, pallet lifters, magnets, vacuum lifters, posi-turner, spreader bar, softeners, tape measure, hammer, punches, pliers, crescent wrench, and paint stick marker.

Required Education and/or Experience:

  • Experience working in a shop around noise, dust, welding and exhaust fumes, and all types of weather.
  • Previous experience with cab and bridge crane (or similar type) from heights of 30' or more and a span of 60' plus.
  • Experience working around shop noise, welding fumes, dust, and all types of weather conditions.

Equal Opportunity Employer Minorities/Women/Protected Veterans/Disabled

The Greenbrier Companies, Inc.

00101-Portland, OR