Precision Castparts Corp. Group Leader LPC-T / 851 in Portland, Oregon

MISSION: To provide the Lean Leadership necessary to promote teamwork and continuous improvement. To assist with budget items, shipments, process control issues, and cross training. To drive safety and prevent incidents. PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES: 1. Safety A. Complete safety overview training and additional training as required. - May be required to complete Hazardous Waste Management Training. B. Assure compliance with safe work practices and maintenance of 5-S standards. C. Promptly address and notify supervision of potential hazards and observed safety violations. D. Identify potential solutions for safety related problems and assist with problem resolution. E. Participate in incident investigations. F. May be required to handle hazardous waste. 2. Teamwork (Teams will consist of 3 or more Team Leaders) A. Prioritize work and shift setup in accordance with daily thru-put requirements. B. In performing leadership duties, avoid favoritism or the perception of favoritism. C. Coach and work with team leaders to identify and solve team problems. D. Facilitate process to drive problem solving to the lowest organizational level. E. Escalate problems that cannot be resolved at the team leader level to the appropriate organizational level. F. May be tasked to develop and document standardized work and subsequently train employees to the defined standardized work. G. Participate in staffing projections. H. Must audit and approve scheduling of team O.T. and vacation in accordance with policy. I. Handle front line performance issues once identified by team leader. Communicate with employees in a respectful manner regarding time management and workmanship issues. Notify supervision when further action is required to improve performance. J. Give objective, fact-based input for performance management, performance reviews and measurements. K. Train Team Leader on new skills and works with them to improve performance to satisfactory levels or maintain satisfactory performance. When appropriate will assign a trainer to provide training. L. Coordinate resources to move from one team to help another when necessary to meet daily thru-put and support outside departments. M. Maintain materials, supplies, and product levels. N. Is sensitive to and proactively supports the maintenance of a harassment / discrimination free environment. O. Performs Team Leader Performance Reviews. 3. Process Control A. Participate in root cause analysis for process in/out of control conditions. B. Understand process control requirements and take appropriate action when a process is out of control. C. Must approve technique card and router changes. D. Ensure process control requirements are met. 4. Measurements A. Set, display and communicate daily team production goals in accordance with TOC/Lean principles. B. Update Team Board. C. May participate in presentation of team production status in daily thru-put 'line walks'. D. Update daily status on inventory position. E. Perform layered assessments. 5. Planning A. Coordinate long and short term capacity requirements and thru-put commitments with planning/ Team Leaders B. Assist with strategies to forecast and attain team measurements. 6. Team Leader Coaching A. Works with employees to effectively resolve work place issues, gives necessary feedback on employee performance related to: attendance, time/record keeping, efficiency, productivity and quality. B. Conducts formal performance appraisals and recommends pay increases, transfers, and promotions in accordance with company policy and procedures and state and federal laws. 7. Other A. Interface with customers, engineering, and other departments to give process walks and presentations. B. Record daily attendance on the attendance log confirming with individuals/team that information is accurate and in accordance with policy. C. Contact appropriate resources if any employee may not be fit for duty and address issue promptly. D. Assure compliance with company policies and procedures and promptly notify supervision of deviations. E. Interviews and recommends for hire of qualified people in accordance with state and federal laws. F. Ensures adequate equipment and supplies are available and stocked to complete the task requested of their subordinates. G. Other duties as assigned.

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