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Gavin de Becker & Associates Executive Protector in Portland, Oregon

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Executive Protector

at Gavin de Becker & Associates

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Portland, OR

Mission & Service

Gavin de Becker & Associates is a dynamic security firm innovating threat assessment and public figure protection. Our mission aims to protect and enhance the lives of those we serve. From media figures and transnational corporations to universities and women’s shelters, GDBA stands on the front line of the assessment, prediction, and management of violence.

Gavin de Becker & Associates is an equal opportunity employer.

Required Qualifications

  • Professional, friendly, and positive communication style.

  • Demonstrated strong operational judgment and exceptional results in a client-service role.

  • Relevant experience providing physical security, surveillance, emergency response, access control, and incident management.

  • Aptitude for clear and effective written and verbal directions and clarifying information under time-sensitive conditions.

  • Ability to work with people from various backgrounds.

  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office suite, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and SharePoint.

  • Must maintain a high degree of confidentiality.

Desired Qualifications

  • Previous experience providing security at a Fortune 500 company.

  • Previous experience designing and implementing high-level security procedures, including familiarity with threat assessment methodologies, bridging operational and logistical gaps, as well as establishing actionable security deliverables and meeting them.

  • Working knowledge of basic IT troubleshooting.

Responsibilities & Expectations

Corporate Security Specialists are centered at the nucleus of an at-risk organization's operations. Our officers work closely with corporations, studios and agencies, and university systems to address the wide-range of security and safety challenges they face. Their service extends beyond just physical security; they foster a secure environment that's keenly aware of potential risks, systematically improves safety procedures, gains the confidence of its clients and patrons, as well as mitigates and responds to any security-related incidents on the property. Their intellectual prowess and influencing ability enable them to provide the highest level of security and support to an at-risk organization.

Physical Security & Access Control

  • Manage daily operations and logistics support at the commercial office.

  • Maintain connectivity with Client sites in different cities, as needed.

  • Secure and protect all assets, including people, facilities, and property.

  • Provide close protection services and event coverage, as needed.

  • Actively monitor a wide network of security alarms and cameras to identify and resolve threats.

  • Control access by monitoring security systems, maintaining logs, and managing access authorization lists.

  • Detect, investigate, and deny access to unauthorized individuals.

  • Perform regular security and threat assessment audits and escalate findings to Client management.

  • Assist clients with low- to mid-level concerns, including but not limited to security escorts and general building assistance.

Incident Management & Reporting

  • Interact with a variety of people on a regular basis. Verbally deescalate confrontations and situations, as necessary.

  • Recognize safety hazards and security vulnerabilities; escalate findings to Client management.

  • Service as primary center point for disseminating information regarding security-related incidents.

  • Actively monitor local incidents and security concerns to develop preventative measures.

  • Manage audits, incident reports, and paperwork, as needed.

Emergency Response

  • Respond to on-site medical incidents, as necessary.

  • Serve as dispatch center for security and medical incidents, including coordinating response, contingency plans, monitoring, and tracking.

Physical Readiness

  • Must be able to maintain physical readiness to respond to an attack or hazard at all times.

  • Maintain physical fitness to stand on your feet for several hours without a break, maintain long schedules, conduct perimeter checks, etc.