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Air National Guard Units GENERAL SUPPLY SPECIALIST (TITLE 32) in Kingsley Field, Oregon


This National Guard position is for a GENERAL SUPPLY SPECIALIST (TITLE 32), Position Description Number D1975000 and is part of the Oregon National Guard 173rd Fighter Wing, National Guard.


As a GENERAL SUPPLY SPECIALIST (TITLE 32), GS-2001-9, this position is located in the Air National Guard, Mission Support Group, Logistics Readiness Squadron, Materiel Management Flight, Equipment Accountability Element of the Customer Support Section. The Equipment Accountability Element's primary purpose is to ensure accountability of in-use equipment and provide management control, oversight, coordination, and implementation of all equipment accounted for by the ANG Assistant USPFO/Accountable Officer. This position is the primary point of contact for wing/base/supported organizations equipment accountability. Serves as a technical advisor to the Wing Commander, staff, base personnel, state, and supported Geographically Separated Units (GSUs) regarding policy and procedure pertaining to equipment accountability. A broad knowledge of general supply, storage, distribution, and inventory/accountability specializations is required; in addition knowledge of Federal, State, and USAF accountability and report of survey rules and regulations to ensure regulatory compliance. (1) Schedules and conducts formal organizational visits annually to each supported organizational account both on and off the installation to ensure custodians are adequately performing their accountability responsibilities. Verifies accountability of all capital equipment, nuclear related equipment, Communications Security (COMSEC) equipment, and performs a 10% random sample of remaining accountable assets. Ensures the unit has a process in place to account for pilferable items purchased with the Government Purchase Card (GPC). Provides the responsible officer and the responsible officer's group and wing commanders with a written report that identifies strengths, findings and observations. Maintains a suspense system to ensure replies and corrective action are accomplished within 30 days. Reviews replies to ensure noted discrepancies are corrected. Notifies the LRS Commander and responsible officer's group and wing commanders, in writing, of actions taken. Measures schedule effectiveness to ensure organizational visits are conducted annually and brief schedule effectiveness to Materiel Management Flight Chief and LRS/CC. (2) Ensures accountability of equipment assets purchased with the GPC and/or through Base Contracting. Ensures organizational commanders account for and control budget code 9 NFx assets valued over $ 2,500.00 and those that are pilferable regardless of dollar value. Ensures assets are accounted for on the Organizational Visibility List (R15) and are inventoried at least annually or upon change of custodian. (3) Attends base deployment concept briefings to identify organizations deploying equipment. Coordinates with Equipment Custodians to identify equipment requirements for deployments. Requests deployment review listings through the GLSC or utilize similar listings and identifies equipment to be transferred or placed in a deployed status. Ensures deployed custodians are appointed and trained and understand what actions are required upon arrival at deployed location. Ensures Equipment Custodians coordinate requests for transfers with home station EAO who will in turn coordinate with higher headquarters. Processes necessary transactions to return assets from deployed status. (4) Identifies, coordinates and monitors War Readiness Materials (WRM) and mobility equipment requirements to ensure all authorizations are on hand, on order, or included in appropriate budget document. Ensures valid Unit Type Codes (UTC), Use Codes, and WRM codes are assigned. (5) Ensures Block III (AFEMS CBT and supplemental) training is conducted for all Equipment/ SPRAMS custodians and Block IV training for deployed custodians. Monitors and reviews item accounting procedures carried out by these personnel. Provides assistance and additional training when required. Conducts briefings for new squadron commanders relative to their duties as responsible officers for the safeguarding and control of government property. Ensures they understand the methods for relief of accountability of property under their control. Evaluates training needs of assigned subordinates, both full time and drill status personnel, and develops and administers required training. (6) Performs other duties as assigned. *The above description only mentions a limited amount of the position's official duties. For a full comprehensive document that covers all the duties of the position, please contact one of the Recruitment Specialists at the bottom of the announcement.


Conditions of Employment


Areas of Consideration:

Area 1 - Current permanent or conditional Title 32 Technicians of the Oregon ANG.

Area 2 - Current permanent or conditional Title 5 Employees of the Oregon ANG.

Area 3 - Current service members in the Oregon ANG.

Area 4 - Individuals in the Active Duty US Air Force, Air Force Reserve, or Air National Guard.

Area 5 - US Citizens eligible to meet the military requirements for membership in the Oregon ANG. GENERAL and SPECIALIZED EXPERIENCE QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTS:

Work involves a combination of technical or administrative supply work (such as a combination of inventory management and contract administration when supply knowledge is the paramount requirement). Experience, education or training involving administration of supply management, storage, cataloging, packaging and distribution or other work which provided the applicant with a general knowledge of one or more aspects of the supply field. Experience using computer and automation systems. Must have at least 24 months experience, education, or training dealing with cost estimates, budgets or funding management. Experience conducting extensive and exhaustive searches for required information; reconstruct records for complex supply transactions; and/or provide supply operations support for supply activities.


Additional Information

Alternate Application Methods: If you are unable to apply online or need to fax a document you do not have in electronic form, view the following link for information regarding an Alternate Application. Current AGR members (Oregon ANG only) intending to remain AGR must submit the following:

1) NGB Form 34-1, Application for Active Guard/Reserve (AGR) - Position Announcement number and position title must be annotated on this form.

2) Current Report of Individual Personnel (RIP) - In lieu of a RIP, applicant may provide a printout from the Virtual MPF (VMPF). Documents must show your ASVAB scores.

3) Copy of current physical fitness assessment. Complete application packet should be in a single PDF format document with the Announcement Number and Last Name ONLY as the file name (example: OR-AF-20-0XX Last name) Please email completed packages to the personnel listed below. Please include the complete announcement number and last name in the subject line. If you are a male applicant who was born after 12/31/1959 and are required to register under the Military Selective Service Act, the Defense Authorization Act of 1986 requires that you be registered or you are not eligible for appointment in this agency (