Lamb Weston Receiving Lead in Hermiston, Oregon

Job Description Summary This position is responsible for coordinating the unloading of Raw Product Trucks to assure minimum turn around times. Coordinates and directs the unloading of raw product to the bays and evenflows in the receiving areas to minimize bruise and ensure adequate volumes in evenflows to meet the needs of the processing line. Job Description Individuals in this position must: Follow all plant safety policies and procedures. Be actively involved in safety, participate in safety programs, engaged in safety activities, perform risk assessments and demonstrate ownership as well as leadership in personal safety and the safety of other team members. Monitors truck unloading. Ensures that the correct raw product in unloaded in the correct bay, and is then transferred to the correct metering evenflow. Communicates with other personnel: line status, quality, and other problems Operates equipment and makes adjustments as needed. Completes production forms as required. Takes samples of raw product. Notifies maintenance of mechanical problems. Supervises and trains all receiving personnel. Calculates raw product tonnage for Line 1. Sanitation of area. Breaking of other areas. Monitoring mud bays. Monitoring eliminator evenflows. Change roll sizer settings as instructed. Monitoring dirt bin and supervises the removal of potato product if found in bin. Turns off equipment when not in use. Monitors crew and notifies supervisor when we can run with less labor. Monitors water usage in receiving area and minimizes waste. May be required to use a 2 way radio. Required to use a computer touch screen to monitor and control equipment. Position will be on Days, Swing, & Rotating. Follow good housekeeping practices and GMP's. Wear required PPE. Actively participate in AMD activities Perform any other duties as assigned by a Team Leader Job Qualifications The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for this job. To successfully perform this job an individual must: Sanitation qualification is required. If you are not qualified, you will be trained. Employee must be Lock-out/Tag-out qualification is required. If you are not qualified, you will be trained. Forklift Certification is required. If not, employee must meet requirements to become forklift certified. Must have working knowledge of Receiving Operator roles. If not, employee must be able to learn Receiving Operator [both Inside and Outside] roles in full. Read, understand, and obey all plant rules and practice safety as outlined in the employee handbook. Practice proper body mechanics and safe lifting techniques. Be knowledgeable of the potential hazards and safety procedures associated with the task being performed. Actively practice and abide by all Company work, safety, and personal hygiene rules and regulations as outlined in the employee handbook. Must be able to work independently and as a team player, be organized, and plan ahead. Must be able to work independently. Must have good communication skills oral and written. Must be able to adapt to extremes in temperatures, dust, fumes, vibration, and noise. Must have good leadership abilities. Education High school diploma or general education degree (GED) preferred. Language Skills