Lamb Weston Process Operator in Hermiston, Oregon

Job Description Summary This position is responsible for operating and adjusting all process equipment [exit of evenflows to discharge of pre-heater] for smooth and productive operations; monitors lineflow and waste; corrects problems which affect quality and production costs; and makes line changes as directed by the Production Lead or Team Leader. Job Description Individuals in this position must: Follow all plant safety policies and procedures. Be actively involved in safety, participate in safety programs, engaged in safety activities, perform risk assessments and demonstrate ownership as well as leadership in personal safety and the safety of other team members. Own equipment activity from Evenflows through Preheaters. Fill, operate, and drain all water systems associated with processing equipment in a manner to maintain levels, maintain quality, maintain equipment integrity, and minimize total water usage. Implement changes to settings on all processing equipment, as specified by the supervisor, in such a manner to prevent problems with downstream equipment, keep line volume consistent, maintain product integrity and maximize recovery. This would include the Halo Vision System [optical sorter]. Proficiently utilize process control system and maintain a feedback method with supervisors and maintenance to ensure systems function properly and maximize equipment and/or labor efficiency through automation. Control all processing equipment to maintain sanitary conditions and coordinate/communicate line downtime activities with Sanitation Lead. Control product waste systems to maintain sanitary conditions within the plant and maximize recovery. Start, stop, and adjust all processing equipment in sequence for: Cut changes, Equipment problems, Line downtime, Emergency situations, and Shutdowns Use process control system to monitor equipment efficiency and settings. Monitor & record waste room hopper levels. Monitor product levels in evenflow bins to keep line volume consistent. Maintain blend rates to aid in achieving consistent finished quality. Monitor raw product quality. Monitor processing lab results and make/suggest changes to equipment and settings as needed. Obtain a waste sample for the bacti lab. Perform water quality/salinity checks on the PEF [pre-heater] and enter them into QA Process Perform peel loss and peel grid checks and enter them into QA Process Understand and interface with Peel Scanner Maintain constant communication with QA personnel, and Supervisor group Must understand function and hazards of various cleaning chemicals, and must be able to perform various product testing procedures. Must be able to work independently. Shoveling product spills. Breaking of other areas as directed by Team Lead group. Performs weekend cleanup as assigned and other sanitation duties. May be required to use a 2 way radio. Required to use a computer touch screen to monitor and control equipment. Follow good housekeeping practices and GMP's. Wear required PPE. Actively participate in AMD activities Perform any other duties as assigned by a Team Leader Job Qualifications The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for this job. To successfully perform this job an individual must: Sanitation qualification is required. If you are not qualified, you will be trained. Employee must be Lock-out/Tag-out qualification is required. If you are not qualified, you will be trained. Read, understand, and obey all plant rules and pra