Lamb Weston Electronic/Electrical Technician III in Hermiston, Oregon

Job Description Summary To analyze and correct electrical problems and repair and overhaul electrical equipment and controls. Job Description Maintains safe work practices at all times and participates in safety programs. Must be able to repair or replace all electrical devices including but not limited to: Breaker panels, motor starters, heaters, fuses, lights, AC drives, motors, electrical switches, etc., all in accordance with state and federal codes, including company policies and procedures. Must be able to perform construction work such as running conduits, pulling wire, installing switches, breaker panels, etc., as needed to supply power to plant electrical apparatus. Must be able to maintain a log/work sheet of equipment repairs and problems. A list of electrical maintenance that needs to be done must also be kept. Must be able to assist all other maintenance personnel in the event of a major plant breakdown. Any other duties assigned. Must be able to perform all the duties of “A” and “B” electricians and Electrical Technicians. Must be able to perform all duties of the Electrical Leadman in the event of his absence. Must be able to work with little or no supervision at times. Must be able to assist in layout work of electrical systems. Job Qualifications Must have good communication skills oral and written. Must be able to maneuver in close quarters and climb stairs, ladders, scaffolds and catwalks during the performance of your job. Must have considerable manual dexterity with both hands. Must be able to lift 50 pounds. Must be able to work in extreme environments, which normally could vary from 120 degrees F to –20 degrees F both wet and dry type environments. Ability to see in color