WorkSource Oregon Packaging Labor in Boardman, Oregon

The Role The packaging laborer position is responsible for tote room (add back) functions. These duties include controlling tote room (add back) activity, reworking cased product, and recase and strip out activities. ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following (other duties may be assigned): Maintains safe work practices at all times and participates in safety programs. Toteroom (Add back responsibilities): Running of add back equipment (adding bulk product back to lines). Must be able to work in cold conditions and also work safely amid constant hyster traffic. Must insure correct bulk is blended to lines and must record pertinent information on add back activity sheets. Must rake product out of totes into add back hopper, if necessary. Must also help with overflow totes and waste totes (raking and/or changing). Must be able to communicate needs to hyster drivers which is sometimes difficult due to noise levels. Must also be able to communicate well with team leaders, leads, manifestor and other employees. Tools and equipment used: product rakes, shovels, squeegees, white carts, waste carts, electric pallet jack, broom and dust pan Rework (strip out) of cased product into totes for adding back to lines. Correct marking of totes with pertinent information so as to be correctly manifested. Filling out of rework log (record of product reworked). Handling of recase activities, case damage, bag rework, and clean up when necessary. Key Accountabilities Must be available to break other packaging laborer positions. Cleanup of packaging area: sweeping, shoveling, general sanitation. Handling of case damage (case and bag rework). Handling product accumulated in packaging carts. Strip out of bags in overflow and waste totes or on add back inspection shakers.