WorkSource Oregon Custom Optics Lab Technician in Bandon, Oregon

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE - 'Typically requires a high school diploma or equivalent. 'Any technical degree with emphasis in optics, experience in visual optics, mechanical or optical fabrication experience a plus. 'At least 1+ yrs experience in optics or similar discipline preferred. 'Inspection experience preferred, but not required. Must be willing to operate heavy machinery on a regular basis. ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES - 'Perform a variety of routine optical component production operations in designated process. Including, but not limited to: Generating, Grinding, Polishing, operating the Zygo, etc 'Perform routine mechanical and electronic adjustments and alignments to appropriate machinery 'Understand and follow target specifications and tolerances 'Use inspecting equipment/measuring devices 'Apply skills to conventional tasks where there is a normal routine already in place 'Responsible to implement, promote, review, and continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System. OTHER DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES - 'Maintain adherence to Company policies, safety/ergonomic standards, and good housekeeping practices. 'Maintain proficiency in the use of tools, fixtures, machinery, and equipment 'Performs other duties as assigned WORKSITE: Bandon